28 November 2019 Actu'DTR

Launch of the French Tech Springboard promotion

Within the French Tech, 90%* of startuppers are men, 71% went to top schools while only 1% of them were self-made. These figures demonstrate a lack of diversity and social mix within the ecosystem and leads, in 2019, the government to invest 15 million euros over two years.

In this sense, Cedric O, the Secretary of State for Digital declared on July 11: "We want to make the French Tech, an even more welcoming and inclusive ecosystem, so that everyone can flourish there, either by joining a startup or by creating their own company. [...] We must promote and encourage diversity so that digital technology is synonymous with social progress.

This is why the "French Tech Tremplin" a training program designed to support talent from all social backgrounds and in which the association les Déterminés is fully invested, was created. Cyril Ghezel, head of development at Les Déterminés, tells us more in an interview we conducted at the official launch of the program on Monday, November 25, 2019

What is the French Tech Springboard program?

C.G : The French Tech Tremplin program was created by French Tech and the French government in order to give the opportunity to people who are either from Priority Urban Neighborhoods, or refugees, or on RSA, or on social minima, or scholarship students to benefit from a complete training for 6 months and a grant (17 000 euros) allowing them to create a startup with innovative option.

What is the place of the association in this program?

C.G : Les Déterminés is the operator in charge of the French Tech Tremplin Grand Paris, concretely this means that we have created the pedagogical program of the French Tech Tremplin with more than 45 days of workshops that will be spread over 6 months. This program will be hosted by our partners Wework Pereire. 

What do you think of this program?

C.G : Not being from a big family myself, having only the baccalaureate and not having done any higher education, I think it's great to give a chance to all those people who want to launch themselves in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, while they lack funds and/or network. In addition to meeting all these needs, the French Tech Springboard is a real support program with a training of excellence since each of the speakers excels in his field of expertise. In my opinion, and to finish, the direct support of the Secretary of State in charge of digital and French Tech and the financial boost provided by the grant are great assets of this program. 


*Figures collected by BPI France and French Tech.